With over 70 years of combined experience from the founders of the company, you can be sure that you are getting top-notch and quality experience here at TNT Sales of Oregon. We have expertly curated selections of new and used trailers for sale. We are sure to provide you with whatever service you need to help you reach a decision.


TNT Sales of Oregon was founded in 2009 by Allan Brown, the late Wayne Brown and Chris McMullin. They have worked in the heavy trucking industry for the majority of their lives. Their success can be attributed to extensive experience, the need to build meaningful relationships with customers that made them feel like family while showing a level of professionalism and camaraderie among employees that is incomparable, and the spirit and drive to keep their initial vision alive until today.


We will be highlighting some of the used trailers for sale that we have in our inventory. Be it flatbeds, dry vans or dolly trailers – we’re sure you can find the trailer that will suit your unique needs.


Dolly Trailers

Dollies are trailers that don’t use power and are attached at the back of trucks, tractors and road trains. One such unit in our inventory is a used 2010 Great Dane 102″ Tandem Axle Dolly, a wide and durable dolly that will last for years to come.

Great Dane 102

You can check out other used dollies in our inventory here.


Dry Van Trailers

Dry vans are enclosed compartments that are used for transporting non-perishable cargo. A reliable used dry van trailer in our inventory is a 2015 Wabash National 53′ Swing Door. It can transport heavy loads while being highly dependable on the road.

2015 Wabash National Dry Van

You can check out other used dry vans in our inventory here.


Reefer Trailers

Reefers are refrigerated or temperature-controlled compartments that are used to transport perishable goods. A used reefer trailer that is for sale in our inventory and is known for its high payload and high performance is a 2012 Great Dane 48 Reefer Trailer.

2012 Great Dane Reefer Used Trailer For Sale

You can check out other used reefer trailers in our inventory here.


We have a big selection of used trailers for sale and you can check the rest of them out here. Call us at 866-478-1242 to start the process in getting yourself the trailer you need.