How do you keep your Drivers?

It’s estimated that more than 50% of new truck drivers quit in the first six months of employment. Every trucking company owner knows that hiring new drivers is both time-consuming and costly. So, it’s critical to take every possible step to increase driver retention.

Discover a few of the strategies including positive reinforcement that can result in better driver retention.

Evaluate the Skill Level of Your Drivers

Pinpointing your best drivers and those who need to improve can only be done through evaluation. Improved technology such as Advanced AI allows fleet managers to monitor the performance of all drivers. Who stops at every stop sign? Who practices a safe following distance? Technology can answer these and other questions delivering a detailed picture of a driver’s safety practices.

Show Appreciation for Your Best Drivers

Giving recognition to your best drivers is an effective way to retain them. Consider holding competitions for gift cards or cash as extra incentive to practice excellent driving skills. Positive reinforcement can be a way to inspire all of your drivers to put on their game face every time they get behind the wheel.

Provide More Training

Additional training can get all of your drivers performing at the same level. Improved technology such as safety systems in a truck can signal risky behavior to a driver so they can make the proper adjustments.

Assigning experienced drivers as mentors to new drivers can also provide support and personalized guidance.

Keep a Well-Maintained Fleet

All drivers appreciate a carrier with excellent truck maintenance. Fewer breakdowns mean fewer delays for drivers. Regular truck maintenance is not only convenient for drivers it also prevents loss of time and money.

Ask for Driver Feedback

Another important factor in driver retention is asking for feedback. What can be improved in the scheduling process? What would make unloading more efficient? Fleet managers should try to incorporate driver feedback if possible. Gathering feedback is another effective way to give recognition to your drivers.

Retaining good drivers allows a carrier to avoid the costs and hassles of hiring and training new people. It also provides for a better work environment.