New Hours of Service Regulations- Questions Answered

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Hours of service (HOS) rules have been a hot topic in the trucking industry for many years now, and unfortunately, it seems like for each question answered about new regulations, 10 more pop up in its place.

Trucking professionals and company owners alike seem to be caught up in a constant tug of war with these regulations in order to not only avoid running afoul of the law, but also to keep drivers safe and ensure prompt service to clients.

Recently, Overdrive Online provided an update on some commonly asked questions regarding hours of service regulations. In its Q&A, it found:

– When using the option for split breaks, your 14 hours are not affected if you go over the three hours on the shorter break. Basically, you have to take the two hours, but there isn’t a limit on going over.

– You do not need to use a log book or ELD if you are classified as a short-haul driver for the trip. This typically means you are not traveling outside of a 150-mile radius from departure. You should, however, utilize a time card instead. Short-haul drivers are able to use one 16-hour day without taking the two-hour break.

– The hope is that, in time, new regulations for hours of service will become so standardized and commonplace that they will be simple enough for the industry to avoid confusion, but until that time, it’s up to trucking professionals and their employers to ask questions and seek answers, even if those answers lead to more questions.