MAC Trailer product overview

MAC Trailers leads the dump and tank trailer market because they offer advanced designs that cut unloading times and improve efficiency. Their offerings include dump trailers, pneumatic tank trailer sand transfer trailers as well as straight truck bodies.

Dump trailers


If you’re looking for a square trailer, you can choose from traditional sheet and post sides or MVP MACLOCK. MVP trailers use hollow core aluminum panels that improve aerodynamics and increase cargo space.

The MACsimizer half round has a radius bulkhead with a 7 inch lower front and 6 inches lower rear. This improves aerodynamics, reduces weight and lowers the center of gravity.

MAC Trailers also makes steel trailers that can handle abrasive materials including sand and gravel.

Pneumatic Tank Trailers

Pneumatic Tank Trailers

MAC’s low cube pneumatic tanks have an aluminum exterior with internal bar braces and hopper apex reinforcing seals built on extruded aluminum frames. A wide range of equipment options let you tailor the trailer for your needs.

High cube pneumatic tanks add food grade internal materials, non-ferrous hardware and cast aluminum manhole covers.

Vacuum pneumatic tanks have external rings with abbreviated internal reinforcements, making them strong and easy to clean. The piping is removable for easy cleaning, while hot air lines are low and inboard to prevent contact with the driver.

The AeroMAC Vessel uses a frameless monocoque with a clean bore smooth interior, external rings and void sections front and rear. Food grade aerators and hoses along with easy line and wiring access make this MAC’s most advance tank trailer.

Transfer Trailers

transfer trailers

Moving floor trailers are available with aluminum sheet and post or smooth-sided MACLOCK hollow core aluminum walls. You can also choose between a leak proof or conventional drive unit, and either slats or decking made from aluminum or high impact materials.

Tipper trailers are available with welded sheet and post or MACLOCK smooth walls. With lengths up to 53 feet, these trailers can carry up to 148 cubic yards of material.

Multi-axle transfer trailers can be fitted with 3-8 axles to meet bridge weight regulations.

V-Slat aggregate and asphalt moving floor trailers drop loads without hitting overhead power cables. They work on uneven ground, banked corners and steep grades, and can unload partial or full loads. The Keith V-Sweep system cleans the floor and walls while unloading, preventing contamination.

Straight Truck Bodies

straight truck bodies

Sheet & Post – The welded aluminum structure is built on a crossmember body. It’s fitted with stress proof hinge pins, machined bushings with Zerk fittings and splice-free wiring. Available with slug, side swing and air-actuated gates.

Half Round – The round belly keeps the load low when dumping, increasing stability. This body design is available with 3/16 and ¼ inch walls with heights of 52 and 66 inches. MAC offers several coating options to fit your cargo.

MCP and MCS Crossmember-less – A clean understructure reduces corrosion, while AR-HARDOX steel ensures plenty of durability. Built-in conduits make it easy to set up heaters. Available with standard and overslung/swing hinges with mechanical, air and high lift with air in-cab controls.

Steel straight bodies minimize weight without compromising strength. These are custom-built for your truck and your local environment.