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What You Need to Know About Cybersecurity in Trucking

Trucking used to be known for the open road and long drives spent with little contact with the outside world. Today, however, modern trucks are equipped with all kinds of digital gadgets that handle everything from monitoring a truck’s diagnostics to updating routing information in real-time. To add to this, truckers have access not only [...]
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Tips for Properly Securing Your Load

According to Trailer/Body Builders, failure to properly secure cargo is the fourth leading commercial vehicle violation that leads to trucks being placed in Out-of-Service (OOS). Unsecured cargo can be damaged during transit, damage the trailer it’s in, and even fall off and damage surrounding vehicles. These tips will help you secure your load, reducing damage, [...]
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FMCSA Waivers Help Keep Drivers on the Road During the Pandemic

Commercial Drivers Get More Time to Renew Licenses, Medical CertificatesWaivers Put in Place To give drivers more time to obtain the necessary medical certificates to renew their license, the FMCSA put waivers in place on March 24 and June 15th. CDL and CLP holders as well as non-CDL drivers were covered by these waivers. Extending [...]
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